Are you running a convenience store, a quick service restaurant or a gas station store? Is packaging waste piling up around your site and is store and storage space at a premium? That is a common scenario, but there is an effective way to take control of your waste management and cut costs.

Empty packaging takes up space…

Fresh food requires almost daily supplies and most of your goods are probably delivered in cardboard boxes or wrapped in plastic foil. Empty packaging material is often voluminous and tends to take up space – space that is at a premium – especially in the city center.

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…but a baler can deal with it effectively

The waste is often collected in wheelie bins in the storage area or in an outdoor container, but that traditional solution can easily be replaced by a baler. Small cardboard and plastic balers provide considerable volume reduction and compact the waste into dense bales. There are balers that come with a small footprint less than 1 m2 (10 ft2) and the compact bales are light and can easily be stacked.

The valuable floor space indoors will then be used more productively to store more goods and the outdoor container area can be turned into additional parking spaces for your customers.

Less waste volume to collect, and in many cases no container rent, results in reduced waste management costs, if you choose a baler. The bales can get picked up for free or even be a source of income!

Versatile and deal with many types of waste

Small balers are often versatile and can in addition to cardboard boxes and shrink film also successfully compact other waste types such as straps, paper and plastic cups and even small amounts of bottles and aluminum cans to help you deal with the entire waste stream in your business.

Pay for usage as an option

If a baler seems like a big investment for your operation, there are suppliers that offer rental or leasing as options, where you pay a monthly fee for the usage instead of owning the machine.

Do you want to know more about what a small baler can do for you? Orwak is an experienced and well-established baler manufacturer and we are happy to give you advice!

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