In the scenic Swedish mountains at an altitude of 1043 m, you find “STF Helags”, one of the Swedish Tourist Associa-tion’s largest cabin sites.

It has 78 beds, cooking facili-ties and operates a restaurant. The astonishing wild beauty of the landscape; a glacier, snowcapped peaks and hiking trails offering breathtaking views, attracts 5000 guests to the mountain cabins every year, despite the secluded location 12 km away from the nearest road!

STF Helagsfjället landscape  STF Helagsfjället waste storage

In summer, the landscape is inaccessible to all vehicles and the waste is collected by helicopter lifting the bags wrapped in a big net and in winter, transports are provided by snowmobile. You think twice before you throw anything away, so the cabin site invested in a compact and lightweight waste compactor from Orwak.

Like all deliveries in winter, it had to ride to the moun-tain top on a snowmobile! Certainly unique circum-stances, but then again Orwak aims to take the road less traveled!