Are you looking for an automated waste management solution? A piece of equipment that is compact enough to easily fit indoors and requires no manual work from your staff? Then a briquette press is one option that you may not have considered yet!

It is an effective and profitable waste management solution for packaging material in a warehouse, a distribution center or at a retailer, who is handling many cardboard boxes per day when unpacking goods. Briquette presses rapidly minimize big volumes of recyclables and waste in a cost-effective way, diminish the need for internal transportation and help keeping aisles, passageways and other spaces free from clutter. They thereby promote unhindered movement around your premises and contribute to safety at work.

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Dense briquettes do not fall apart or expand

The staff dispose of the waste in an open infeed chamber, the machine compacts and cuts the material into dense briquettes. The volume reduction can be up to 20 times in a system like that and thanks to the powerful compaction, the material does not fall apart or expand again afterwards.

Briquettes are small, easy to handle and do not require any strapping or wrapping in plastic. They can be collected in a bin or a container placed at the outfeed or for bigger amounts, a briquette press can be connected to a chute or a complete duct system through the wall to a large outdoor container.

It is not only the output that can be automated, there are also systems for constant feeding, if you handle large volumes of material in your business.

Duct system3  Duct system4

Is there a market for briquettes?

“Who wants the briquettes?”, may be the next question. It depends on the local conditions and there is no definite answer for all geographic markets. You need to check what applies for your country or region, but there is a market for briquettes. Cardboard briquettes are of interest to specific recyclers and some paper-mills. The dissolution of the briquettes in a paper-mill pulper is very good, which provides high capacity processing of the paper. Tests with briquettes at paper-mills have showed a capacity increase of 50-60 % compared to bales. Another alternative is to use briquettes as fuel at incineration plants.

There is usually even more interest among recyclers in briquettes of other types of material than cardboard, for example PET or metal.

Alu can and briquette  PET bottle and briquette
shredded material in briquette  alu offcuts in briquette

Not just for cardboard

PET bottles and aluminum cans can be compacted into briquettes with very good results. Small fractions such as shredded paper, blister packs and metal chips and swarf can also be successfully processed in a briquette press and turned into dense briquettes, but in those cases, it is not so much about the volume reduction. The main advantage then is to be able to handle and transport the material in a practical way and avoid spread of small fractions on the floor on site or during transportation.

Do you want to know more about briquetting as a waste management solution? Orwak is an experienced and well-established manufacturer of balers and briquette presses and we are happy to give you advice!

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