Some Orwak balers face the heat, the drought and the sand in the middle of the desert; a corner of the world where the thermometer some days reads 50˚C. When heading into the central parts of Saudi Arabia, a baler might be a less expected sight, but it is a clever solution to reduce the long distance waste transports to cities and recycling stations.

Other courageous Orwak balers are daily exposed to the scorching sun, placed outdoor on offshore oil platforms in the Gulf and in Mexico. A rig may have a small crew or be like an entire community at sea.

The choice of compaction equipment can range from one versatile waste compactor for all refuse to a fully equipped sorting station with different solutions for discarded packaging, kitchen waste and hazardous waste. Regardless, the balers continue to work accompanied by the burning sun and in the light and heat of the blazing everlasting gas flare.

Orwak installation in the heart of the desert