Our business is based on environmentally-friendly waste management solutions. We are in a unique position in that our business offer, by nature, has an environmental sustainability focus. Provided products and services help our customers to act in an environmentally sustainable way. This means that the credibility and the value in our trademarks are totally dependent on how we, ourselves, act.

Environmental sustainability is fundamental for us but recently, we also increased focus on other areas within the sustainability field, such as human rights, labor rights and anti-corruption.

Management best practice behaviour is of great importance. Our sustainability focus will be based on a culture of continuous improvement. We want sustainability to be a part of local responsibility but also to combine it with a group approach in which all entities shall follow some common guidelines and regulations. Sustainability also goes hand-in-hand with our ambition to act long-term. We have a long-term focus in our relationships with customers and suppliers as well as with our employees.

Fredrik Jaginder, CEO of San Sac Group

Read more in the Sustainability Report (pdf)